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What is a Sales Champion?

Updated: Jun 8

If you are a believer in the sales methodology MEDDIC, you know that the most important element is having a Champion. Why? No Champion = NO DEAL! No matter what.

So what is a sales champion? The folks who developed MEDDIC define a Champion as follows: The key player who has the power and influence in driving the opportunity and sells on your behalf.

The 3 Criteria Required For A Champion:

1. They are the person who sells when you are not there

2. They have to have power and influence

3. There has to be something in it for them

In every deal, there is always an owner. This is the person who has a personal interest in driving change in the business to resolve a pain, capitalize on a new opportunity, or mitigate risk for organization. Their strong desire for change drives them to collaborate with peers, consultants and vendors to attack the problem or opportunity as quickly as they can. Your goal as a sales rep should be to identify this person and latch onto them like white on rice and develop them as a champion.

Traits of a Champion

Sales reps often confuse a champion as someone having to have a big title. This isn't always the case and in some deals can be far from the truth. Even if they don’t carry a VP or Director title, this person can be spotted as the champion by having the following traits:

  • They are well respected by their peers

  • They are very influential in the organization

  • They have a strong track-record of heading successful projects

  • They have a lot of visibility amongst the executive chain


Once you have identified this person, it's important for you to recognize their current and potential goals and be empathetic throughout your engagement. You can start building the relationship with this person by enabling them on how to address the pain, opportunity, or risk in a combination of the following:

  • Leverage your subject matter experts, white papers, case studies to educate your Champion

  • Invite your Champion to events, webinars, demos, etc.

  • Introduce your Champion to other customers who have similar goals, use cases, and risk factors

Once you’ve built up a Champion, they will recognize your efforts, support, and empathy and demonstrate trust in you and ask for you to be their guide to the promise-land. From this point forward, everything will become a joint effort and your Champion will be a "friend in the fight" and start selling on your behalf. Work with them throughout the campaign at building the business case in every interaction. It's your goal to make him or her "look good" and if you do so, you will have a Champion for life.

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