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5 Elements of a Great Elevator Pitch

Do you have an elevator pitch? If you are like most sales reps, ironically, you probably don't.

We have all heard of an "elevator pitch"and know it's importance, yet few of us have one actually that is actually written down and is well-rehearsed. If you are one of these people, I suggest you make this a priority and create one right after reading this article. It can help you build credibility, make you memorable, and best of all - generate more leads.

The purpose of this article is to help you structure an elevator that's simple, to the point, and highly impactful. After researching this topic quite a bit, I believe the most effective elevator pitches have the following 5 elements:

1. The Problem - Your elevator pitch should begin by stating the problem your target customer is trying to solve.

2. The Solution - In 1-2 sentences, describe how your product or service solves this problem.

3. The Competition / Unique Differentiator - Describe how your competition approaches the problem and how you are different.

4. The Result - What is the positive business outcome your customer will achieve from using your product or service.

5. The CTA - End with a call-to-action.

Here is an example sentence structure you can use to help guide you in building your elevator pitch:

"Most [Target Customer] are challenged with [The Problem]. At [Your Company Name], we solve this problem by [Solution]. Unlike [Your Competition] who approach [The Problem] we [Unique Differentiator]. Our customers achieve [The Result]. Does this sound like something you would be interested in learning more about? [Call-to-Action]."


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Go ahead, try building out your own elevator pitch and use the above as guide to help you. Feel free to send me your draft and I would be happy to provide my thoughts and suggestions.



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