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5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Ultra Hot Startup, Veza.

Yesterday marks a major milestone as Veza, the data security platform built on the power of authorization, has officially come out of stealth and is hitting the market by storm.

I am humbled to have been part of the building process over the last 8 months as the learnings I've consumed are irreplaceable. It's absolutely incredible what this company accomplished while operating in stealth with no website, no marketing, and only a few dozen highly-talented individuals with a "builder" mentality fueling their every day. People are everything.

As I've watched this company rapidly grow and thrive from the early days, these are are what I believe to be the top reasons why you should want to come work for this amazing and unique startup that is jam-packed with top talent.

1. Veza's customer adoption is years ahead of the curve

I've been apart of several startups and stay informed of many and it's extremely rare to see the size and amount of customers that Veza has adopted so early on. Names like AMD (Fortune 500), Intuit (Fortune 500), Medtronic (Fortune 500), Wynn Resorts (Fortune 1000), Robinhood, SoFi, Chime, PayNearMe, Best Western, Barracuda, LiveRamp, VoxMedia, Moveworks, ATN International, City of Las Vegas, Choice Hotels, and many more were adopted while Veza was in stealth! That's unheard of and the trajectory is far ahead of the industry average. For example, it took us 4 years to get our first Fortune 500 customer at Okta and about the same for us at Rubrik and both are world class organizations with thousands of customers today.

To learn more about Veza's customers, check out the case studies, testimonial videos, and quotes here:

2. Veza plays in the industries exploding in growth

The cybersecurity market is set to grow to $366B by 2028 and the data security market specifically is on pace to go from $17B to $35B by 2026. Loop in Identity and Access Management's rapidly growing trend which is predicted to hit $34B by 2028 and you got a nice couple of big slices of pie to go after.

Moreover, data systems are the last piece of infrastructure moving to the cloud and are being adopted at a staggering rate. Just look at the hyper-growth of companies like Snowflake and Databricks valuations and trajectory as well as the amount of cloud data services AWS, Azure, and GCP are spinning up on an annual basis and you can see that this is a mega-trend that has taken the world by storm.

All this data residing in the cloud must stay secure for brands to stay trusted. By taking an authorization-powered approach to cloud data security, Veza sits in a prime position to capitalize on these industry trends.

3. The problems Veza solves are becoming more imperative for organizations to address immediately

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 75% of cloud security failures would result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges (up from 50% from the year prior). The challenge of rightsizing permissions is becoming harder and harder as organizations adopt multi-cloud all the while non-human identities are exploding in quantity for organizations to manage. In fact, a recent study by Palo Alto Networks conveyed that 99% of cloud identities are overly permissive. This is why our news feeds continue to be flooded with headlines of new data breaches, privacy leaks, and ransomware attacks.

The requirement for businesses to modernize access governance for multi-cloud, reinvent privileged access for cloud-native systems, manage cloud entitlements, and implement data lake security is imperative in keeping organization's data safe in today's world.

Learn more about the problems Veza solves here:

4. Veza is uniquely differentiated

Traditional tools for identity governance & administration and privilege access management were not built for cloud and manual efforts are resource and time-intensive leading to errors. Most modern security tools take an infrastructure-centric or app-centric approach, focusing on identifying vulnerabilities, but overlooking what matters the most: access to data.

Veza however, takes a data-centric approach to cloud security and is the first of its kind to understand authorization structures across data systems at the granular level of tables/columns, storage instances, and more, and then associates that back to the “who” — humans, service accounts, and services. Until now, organizations have struggled to answer the fundamental yet critical question, "who can take what action on what data?" With the majority of data breaches tying back to a compromised identity with excessive permissions, businesses can't afford to leave this gap empty any longer.

Learn more about how Veza is uniquely positioned here.

5. Veza's last round of funding puts the startup in "rare air"

Veza stands alone in the crowd when it comes to its VC funding by becoming the first ever to complete a Series A, Series B, AND a Series C while operating in stealth. This is unheard of. To date, Veza has over $110M in venture backed funding lead by top firms such as Accel, GV, Norwest Ventures, Bain Capital, and True Ventures.

Hear what VC firms are saying about Veza:


To learn more about career opportunities at Veza, visit:

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