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Introducing "Bridging the Gap" with James Purvis and Jeff Kirchick

I'm very excited to announce that I'm co-hosting a vlog / podcast alongside my colleague Jeff Kirchick which kicked off last week!

Really pumped that Jeff Kirchick has joined the Cresta family because I finally found a long-lost friend who likes to geek out with creativity, social media, personal branding, and promoting the company they work for as much as I do!

We put our heads together and thought, "Why not video ourselves each week and talk about trending topics in the industry?" I mean...why wouldn't we?

After all, It's fun to do, the right thing to do, and best of all - it's FREE to do.

So here we go..."Bridging the Gap" a weekly chat with Jeff and me.

In our weekly discussion, we will be covering various topics including, Artificial Intelligence, Contact Center Challenges, Sales, Customer Service, and more.

Check out Episode #1 where we talk about why Jeff and I chose to leave our past roles and join Cresta.

We will also be inviting special guests to share their expertise across these various topics as well so be sure to tune in each week.

Where to tune in?

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