Massive Action

Pillar #3: Massive Action

Talk doesn't cook rice - Chinese proverb

How I take Massive Action


Set specific goals





I Set Specific goals (examples):
  • Never miss a workout

  • Listen to 2 books per month on Audible

  • Wake up at 5:34 a.m. every day

  • Prospect 2 hours a day

  • W2 $500k+ per year

  • Never miss an opportunity

How I act:
  • Pack gym back every night before bed

  • Listen to Audible on the way to the gym, during warm-up, and on the way back from the gym

  • Set recurring alarm for 5:34 a.m.

  • Set recurring calendar invite for prospecting

  • 20 new meetings, 7 qualified opportunities, and 3 deals a quarter

  • Follow Up, Follow Back, and Follow Through for every prospect and customer 

How I Track:
  • Fitbit for workouts

  • Audible app for books

  • Calendar for prospecting efforts

  • CRM and Gmail for sales activity

  • Mint for finances