• James Purvis

“Gap Selling” + Force Management® = The Unstoppable Approach to Selling in Today's World

If you are in enterprise software sales, you've likely come across Force Management® sales training in some form or fashion. They have trained thousands of sales professionals from organizations such as Okta, Rubrik, Zendesk, Segment, PTC, and Nutanix (I’ve personally gone through the training twice and recommend it). Alternatively, if you are someone who reads a lot of self-help sales books like me, you may have stumbled upon, Gap Selling which is a best seller written by the outspoken sales guru Keenan and one of my top picks.

After I read Gap Selling for a second time, it hit me, this sales methodology is the modern approach to Force Management® and if you combine the two, you can be unstoppable at sales in today's B2B world.

First, let’s break each one down.


What is Force Management?

Force Management is a sales consulting and training firm which emphasizes selling on value and differentiation with the focus on what's important to the buyer. What's unique to Force Management is that their training is not a "one size fits all" approach and is tailored to each organization they work with.

Many of the tech industry's most successful sales organizations leverage Force Management's Value Framework as the foundation for their sales approach and tech legend and the only 5X CRO, John McMahaon, has enforced the training method at every organization he's been apart of.

"We need to get to the people who own the problem and to the people who own fixing the problem. And sometimes those aren't the same." - John Kaplan

Biggest Takeaway: The Mantra

The Mantra stems from Force Management’s Command the Message® training which is designed to align the sales team with the buyer’s current state, what they are trying to achieve with a solution (positive business outcomes), and what’s required to get there (required capabilities).

Below is The Mantra script (great for emails) which I often use:

What I heard you say is that these are the Positive Business Outcomes you are trying to achieve:

In order to achieve these positive business outcomes, we agreed that these are the Required Capabilities you’re going to need:

You will probably want to measure these required capabilities with the following Metrics:

Let me tell you How We Do it:

Let me tell you How We Do it Better/Different

But don’t take my word for it [Proof Points].

My Favorite Force Management Tips:

  • Uncover your buyer’s positive business outcomes by digging deep. Don’t just scratch the surface. What are the before and after scenarios? How will these outcomes benefit the organization? The individual?

  • Understand the negative cons