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Account Mapping? Try This Productive Tip

If you are in tech sales, there's no doubt that you have done "account mapping" with partners. But, the truth is, we can all count dozens of times where this has been nothing but a waste of time. We show up at the coffee shop, meet the rep, shoot the shit, then talk about a few accounts and then leave with no real action item or definitive plan to help each other out. Half the time, it's the other person picking your brain about accounts that will only help them and has nothing to give you in return. Sound familiar?

Why Account Map?

First, let's define why we account map in the first place. Account mapping is all about increasing your knowledge about prospects you are targeting. Knowledge is power and the more data you have about who the decision makers are, what their motives might be, challenges they face, and who in the organization can influence the buying decision - you gain leverage in your prospecting efforts. Ultimately, it should help you drive more pipeline and close more sales.

The challenge

If you have a decent sized territory with lots of accounts, one of the main challenges is that and account mapping session can be quite overwhelming. For example, let's say you have 50 accounts. There is no way you will have enough time to go thru all of them in your session let alone get enough useful information to really help you out. You also will have the tendency to rush thru your list which is unproductive and leaves you with no real action items which equals no new pipeline and no additional sales. In account mapping, "less is more" which is why I use the 5 x 5 x 5 method.

The "5 x 5 x 5" Method

In order to maximize your time and produce the best results, try using this approach instead. It's simple, mutually beneficial, and ensures action is taken on both sides immediately.

Step 1 - Pick 5 accounts you are trying to crack into that your partner has a good relationship with and can walk you into.

Step 2 - Pick 5 accounts your partner is trying to crack into that you can easily walk them into.

Step 3 - Pick 5 accounts you both really want to get into that neither of you have traction with (i.e. "whitespace").

Once you have completed these 3 steps, what I recommend doing is to reach out to the 5 accounts you can walk your partner into right then and there. Have your partner do the same. Why wait til another day? In reality, if you wait, it probably won't ever happen. Instead, take action immediately showing your commitment to helping each other and holding one another accountable.

Go ahead and try this the next time you account map. Comment below how it went and share this article with others you think would benefit.

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