• James Purvis

How to Communicate with Confidence

The majority of us still struggle with speaking in public and it continues to be one our biggest fears as humans. In business (especially in sales), effective oral communication is a critical skill and one that always needs improvement. Because of this, I took a course on 'What Makes a Good Speaker' conducted by Jeff Ansell who is a retired investigative reporter that now teaches Effective Communication at Harvard University.

Jeff's course is extremely powerful and his strategies and tactics can be leveraged day one.

Below are the highlights from the course and the methods I encourage you to implement in your daily practice to become a strong communicator in life and in business.


"Look like you mean what you're talking about and sound like you mean what you're talking about." - Jeff Ansell

Confident communicators connect to others through words, gestures, and voice via "The 3 V's."

  • Visual - How we look and carry ourselves (55%)

  • Vocal - How we sound, our tone and volume (38%)

  • Verbal - The words we use to communicate (7%)