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Power of a Head Start

Olympian gold medalist Usain Bolt’s 100m record time was 9.58 seconds.

His split time in Jamaica’s record gold medaling 4 x 100m relay was 8.79 seconds.

Where am I going with this?

Having a head start has a dramatic impact on your outcome.

In Usain’s case, his time was 8.24% faster when he had a running start.

Give yourself a head start whenever possible. A couple examples…

- Prepare for a meeting by taking a couple minutes to research the individuals, the company, their industry, etc so you can jump right into the conversation

- If you’re a student, take an internship w the company you want to work for before graduating

- In finances, put aside 10-20% of your gross income away for retirement or a rainy day

In your next task, adventure, business meeting, job, interview, goal, etc try and give yourself a head start. An 8.24% improvement compounded over the next week, month, and year could change your entire life.

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