• James Purvis

7 Differences Between an "A Player" Sales Demo vs. "B Player's"

I recently took the "Demo Master Class" from revenue intelligence software company, Gong, and it was extremely intriguing and eye opening. It got me to re-think my entire approach to product demos and the tweaks I've made are driving more engagement from prospects and leading me to shorter sales cycles and bigger deals. If you follow the 7 "A Player" Principles for Product Demos below, I'm super confident that you will achieve similar results. The even better news for you is that 90% of reps are doing demos the traditional way which is the "B Player" approach! It's time to elevate your demo game and completely destroy your competition in your deals by wowing your prospects.

Let's start by highlighting what "B Players" strive to do when it comes to demos...

The "B Player" Demo Checklist:

  1. Build anticipation and save the best for last

  2. Build as much value as possible

  3. Focus on benefits

  4. Respond to questions with well-prepared answers

  5. Name drop some big customers

  6. Prove ROI

  7. Ask for next steps

After reading the 7 steps above, I bet you're thinking; "Wtf! This sounds like the perfect checklist for a successful demo!" That's because it's the most intuitive approach out there and it's how all of us have been taught and doing it for years. The truth is, Gong has done a bunch of studies on this stuff and the results show that it's actually a pretty ass backwards approach. Why? It's not as engaging and it feels like a never-ending "product tour" for your prospects.

You're probably wondering now, "If the above approach which seems intuitive and justifiable isn't the right approach, what the hell is?"Let's break it down by introducing what I call the, 7 "A Player Principles" for Product Demos that Gong has uncovered.

Principle #1

B Players: Build anticipation and save the best for last.

A Players: Flip your demo upside down: Start with the end.

Pro Tip: Find out what the 3 most important priorities are to the prospect during discovery and rank them by level of importance. Start the demo with what's most important to them followed by the second and third. This is your demo flow and will have them paying full attention throughout!

Principle #2

B Players: Build as much value as possible

A Players: Give them a taste.

Pro Tip: Never spend more than 9 minutes on a single topic, show less features, and avoid a "product tour." The more you show, the more your message is diluted. Leave them always wanting more as it will create more engagement.

Fun Facts: According to Gong, top reps spend 39% less time pitching product features than average performers. They also get 28% more questions from the prospects than avg performers.

Principle #3

B Players: Focus on the benefits.

A Players: Focus on tearing apart the status quo.

Pro Tip: Loss aversion = people will work twice as hard to avoid loss than they will to gain benefits. Focus your message on how unsustainable status quo is.

Example: Selling formaldehyde-free furniture to retailers