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Sound Advice from Frank Slootman - CEO of Snowflake

Some great advice I heard from the CEO of Snowflake, Frank Slootman that I believe every startup and individual should consider implementing.

It’s a simple, yet highly effective 3-step process:

Step 1: Narrow the focus

Step 2: Up the quality

Step 3: Increase the speed

Top performing companies and individuals narrow the focus by doing less and honing in on only what matters most. You can't be the best at everything.

Up the quality once you have identified the few things that truly matter to you and the company.

Increase the speed once you have figured out #1 and #2.

As you think about your next day, month, quarter, etc Imagine how simplifying and breaking things down into these 3 simple steps could compound your growth as an individual or as a company.



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