• James Purvis

The "3 Why's" In Sales

If you've been in sales for awhile, you probably have come across the "3 Why's" in sales; Why buy anything? Why buy from you? Why buy now? The "3 Why's" are critical because they are the three most important questions prospective customers must answer in order to justify a purchase of any sort.

This article will help you understand the psychology behind the 3 Why's and learn some best practices on how to best answer them. Let's get right into it...

As ethical sales professionals, we sincerely want to solve a problem for our customers and our customers trust the information we provide as a business to help make educated buying decisions. In Consumer Psychology, this is what is referred to as "The Learning Pathway" which consumer psychologist Dr. Ari Zelmanow describes as:

"A buying decision is the result of a consumer learning pat